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ROI Calculator

What is P&P management costing your facility? Use our online tool below to find out how much time and money goes into your "free" P&P management system.

TO USE: Drag each blue variable below and adjust for your own facility.

a month spent searching

How much time is spent searching for P&Ps?

If your facility has employees searching for policies, and each employee searches for policies per month, with each policy taking to find, then the amount of time your organization as a whole spends searching for policies is each month.

a month spent reviewing/approving

How much time is spent reviewing/approving P&Ps?

If your facility has about employees involved in reviewing/approving with each employee reviewing/approving policies per month and taking to review and approve each policy, then the amount of time your organization as a whole spends reviewing/approving policies is minutes each month.

a year spent managing P&Ps

How much total time is spent managing P&Ps?

Based on time spent searching for and reviewing/approving policies alone, with an average employee salary of $, your facility spends about $ per month and $ per year on your P&P management.

In total, you could be saving $ a year using PolicyStat.

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